Background material used for Iron Man 3

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Lego Iron Man 3 poster

Well not to much has been revealed besides that A lot of armors if the lego Iron Man 3 poster is to be trusted. This would indicated that the story arch Armor Wars would somehow be in the storyline. However how the Mandarin that has been revealed to be in the movie fits in still unknown. However War Machine that was introduced in Iron Man 2 is also going to be in Iron Man 3 then I have a idea what the story could be.

Cover of War Machine 8 the cover of the TPB according to amazon If use it will get new text front.

Now I'm not the most knowledgeable person about Iron Man but I stumble over this TPB going to be released May 13. I think it would fit in perfectly if Hands of the Mandarin is a part of the storyline for the Iron Man 3. The release of the tab fits remarkable well with the movie release. All the characters is in the movie are in the story. So maybe Mandarin's role is that he will get the Heart of Darkness. So what do you guys think is I'm way of or will Hands of the Mandarin going to be a part of the Iron Man 3 movie?

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This cover is now on amazon and seems to be a bit more accurate with the new front.

According to Marvel it will be released May first the same day the movie premieres in theatres in the states. The TPB will include Iron Man 310-312, War Machine 8-10 and Marvel Comic present 169-172.

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