Awesome Toy Picks: 'Iron Man 3' LEGO

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Iron Man 3 is about to open in theaters. In other countries, it's already debuted. While Marvel Studios has tried to keep the story and spoilers under wraps, it turns out that some of the LEGO products are giving some possible spoilers. That's why at New York Toy Fair, the Iron Man 3 products were available for private viewing but photography was not allowed. This week we're going to look at a couple of LEGO sets.

The first set is the 'Malibu Mansion Attack' set. We've seen in the trailers that Tony Stark's pad gets a beating. The LEGO set consists of 364 pieces and gives a great amount of detail to the before-the-attack happens.

The Mansion set might seem like a lot but as with most LEGO sets, the key is pre-sorting the pieces.
With the mansion set, you almost get a calm setting between Tony Stark and Pepper Potts.

The mansion set gives a good idea of what you would expect. We see Tony's work area along with a kitchen area, because of course he'd need some sort of nourishment. We also get a tiny glimpse at his hall of armors. But with the Mandarin's helicopter attack, Stark's luxurious setting won't last.

You can imagine what might happen after the Stark's mansion is attacked. There are some tiny spoilers in this set but it's nothing that hasn't been revealed in the different trailers.

WIth the mansion being attacked, how can Stark survive? There was a glimpse on one of the trailers and surprisingly on the cover of the box art.

Yes, that's Pepper Potts in the armor. Is that something that happens in the movie? We'll have to wait and see.

As for Mandarin and his helicopter pilot, the Extremis soldier does glow in the dark. It's not necessary but does make it a little cooler.

This isn't the only Iron Man 3 set available. There's also the Extremis Sea Port Battle.

This is a smaller set but it does give you both Iron Man and War Machine. We have to assume there is a sea battle that occurs in the movie. But War Machine is not in the Iron Patriot guise.

WIth both Iron Man and War Machine, you can expect a quick battle. It's a cool set if you're looking for a smaller one to buy. But the mansion is pretty cool as well.

If you're a LEGO fan or a Marvel one, you'll want to pick up both these sets. As for what they mean for the movie, we'd have to assume there's some significance but either way, we're in for a treat in terms of the movie and with the LEGO building.

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Saw Iron Man 3 yesterday! I wanna collect these so bad!

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Those helmets look huge.

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Awesome sets, shame about the overall movie though.

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May have to buy these sets- they look great :D Saw the movie yesterday, I loved it.

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A Lego Store just opened up in my city in England, these were the first two sets I bought there. lol

I have the other Iron Man suits standing infront of the holographic displays. One day I shall have my own Iron Man Armoury....of LEGO!

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Iron man 3 was very disappointing. It was a decent film and far better than the second one, but once again War Machine gets no action and is completely underused, as are the bloody suits the entire film.

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Saw Iron Man 3 this Friday. It's awesome.

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Really like these Super Hero sets, but they're really pricey. Especially once "collectors" get ahold of them.

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These sets look awesome, reminds me of my childhood

#10 Posted by reaperOnyx (1279 posts) - - Show Bio

I have the Batman Arkham Asylum. It's a shame that they stopped making batman stuff.

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It's interesting seeing The Madarin in that first set since he isn't featured in that scene.

Lego is the best at making toys :D

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I love them too!! But I don't think the Mandarin having a helicopter fits right. lol

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Well, I know what I'm getting my nephew for his birthday.

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Haha, spoilers in a LEGO set.

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loving both of them!!

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@iceslick: After knowing what happens in the film, I know what you mean.

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Quite detailed! I feel like I just saw the movie trailer in Lego format lol

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@mucklefluga: Yeah, but which of the scenes that he's actually in could you use? i don't think that neither hookers nor a terrorist camp or the shotting a guy in front of cameras would offer a good play-set for kids ;)

Looks awesome!!

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War Machine AS War Machine? Mandarin being an actual villainous badass? These sets made the movie look even MORE awesome. (I'm not saying it wasn't, of coarse)

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