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It was only a matter of time before Iron Man's longtime enemies re-emerged to confront him once again. And now, they've got more than revenge on their minds. An all-new, action-packed mini-series spotlighting the return of classic villains like the LIVING LASER, the GHOST, and the SPYMASTER! It all begins here with issue #1, written by fan favorite, Joe Casey.

Tony Stark acquires a smart laser weapon from futurists operating through the black market before taking them down as Iron Man and handing them over to S.H.I.E.L.D. The smart laser technology is revealed to be housing in stasis the mind of Arthur Parks, who previously became the sentient energy life-form known as the Living Laser. The Living Laser had been a career criminal with a long history with Iron Man, who ultimately defeated him and scattered his consciousness.

Tony seeks out a Dr. Dillon, a specialist in meta-human psychology, to reach Arthur Park's consciousness within the device in order to treat and rehabilitate him. After some initial apprehension, she agrees.

Meanwhile, Spymaster is plotting revenge against Iron Man who he knows is secretly Tony Stark. To further his ends he recruits the Ghost to infiltrate Stark International and to steal the Living Lazer...

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