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Review: Iron Man Noir #1 0

Seems like every Marvel character is getting a Noir book, even Luke Cage had one. Tony "Iron Man" Stark is the newest Marvel character to get his own Noir book, and although I tend to go into these Noir books extremely skeptical, I love to say I was pleasantly surprised.  The Good I love a good adventure book, and that's exactly what this was: Indiana Stark. This book had everything that the 10 year old in me loves: Treasure, danger, adventure, Nazis (I don't love Nazis, but I love them los...

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Better than other Marvel Noir books 0

 Iron Man Noir is an interesting take on a familiar character.  Stark and Rhodes are depicted as adventurers who are looking for a Mayan mask while chronicling their journey for a magazine.   This book sets up the basic villains, involving the creation of Madame Masque and an encounter with Zemo.  It also foreshadows where the book is heading in issues to come, and I can already tell you it is going to be interesting.It looks like Pepper Potts will be more of a side kick for Tony.  I'm intereste...

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Stark Noir 0

Since the Iron Man name sells better than just Tony Stark, I'll forgive Marvel for not naming this series Stark Noir. This first issue has little actual Iron Man in it, despite the awesome, but misleading cover. Imagine Tony Stark as Indiana Jones and you have the gist of what this comic is like. It pays homage to and invokes the feel of classic adventure pulp stories from the 30's. The message of standard hero fare like this being relevant in times of economic/political uncertainty draws a nice...

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