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"Employee of the Month" - They're baaaaaaaaack! Spymaster! Jolt! Plantman! Backlash! Some of the worst baddies ever to stain the pages of Iron Man comics have teamed up to destroy Tony Stark's armored alter ego once and for all in the most cunning, evil plan ever conceived by... Tony's secretary, PEPPER POTTS?!

"The Heart of a Hero" - From the hit show on Nicktoons Network, Iron Man: Armored Adventures, comes these exciting new tales! When the Living Laser sets a trap to destroy Iron Man, it'll take every ounce of energy that his new solar-powered armor can generate for Tony to save the endangered civilians and himself!

"Moving Target" - S.H.I.E.L.D. General Nick Fury has his sights set on Iron Man and he sends his top agents, Hawkeye and the Black Widow, to take him down. Tony is going to need the help of his best friends Jim Rhodes and Pepper Potts to keep his identity a secret and keep himself in one piece after this encounter!

"Seven Rings Hath the Mandarin" - When the evil Mandarin seeks the key to immortality hidden in the ancient civilization of Machu Picchu, Iron Man teams up with fellow Avengers Spider-Man, Ant-Man and the Hulk to stop him. It's a good thing Tony brought along backup, because he's definitely going to need the help!

"The Ark" - Deep within a secret government base beneath the Arctic tundra lies the "Ark"; a vault containing the genetic codes for all life on Earth. But there's a problem -- a rogue Artificial Intelligence has decided that the best way to protect the samples is to eradicate every living creature! Only Iron Man has the knowledge to stop the machine -- and he's only got an hour to do it!

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