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"Hostile Takeover" - Spymaster has seized remote control of Iron Man's armor (with Tony Stark in it) and sent Shellhead on a rampage of destruction through New York! Can Rhodey figure out how to free the Armored Avenger before Justin Hammer takes over Tony Stark's company along with his alter ego?

"Klaw's Good Ol' Fashioned Country Revival" - When Klaw, the master of sound, forms a country and western band, Iron Man, Spider-Man and the Hulk decide to investigate. Unfortunately, the Hulk gets hooked on Klaw's mournfal music and, wanting to solve all those problems Klaw so beautifully sings about, he starts returning every lost (and not so lost) dog to its owner, insists on driving a pickup truck, and goes in for some very extreme "Hulk-style" relationship counseling.

"Iron Many, Part 2" - Iron Pack Assemble! Iron Man suits the Power kids up in style for the big finale. And how do they repay the golden Avenger for the cool new costumes? By destroying all of the hero's classic armors... and then turning the fight against Iron Man himself! Geez... kids these days! It's hero vs. hero... as a sinister villain secretly pulls the strings!

"The Masters of Evil" - Ultron couldn't do it. Baron Zero couldn't do it. Even The Leader with The Abomination couldn't do it. But together these super-powered creeps form a team that could finally defeat The Avengers!

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