frijolie's Iron Man: Legacy #1 - War of the Iron Men, Part One review

Iron onion?


Another Iron Man on-going? I already subscribe to Invincible Iron Man but heard good things about this one, so I thought I'd give it a try. I have to admit, I'm not that familiar with Van Lente's work so I'm just getting acquainted with his writing style on this issue. Overall, this was a good issue for three reasons: First, it's a super-sized issue which contains a reprint of Tales of Suspense #39 (Iron Man's first appearance). Second, there are a lot of cameo appearances. Finally,  even as a super-sized issue it's still only a $3.99 comic. 

The Good  

The plot. Tony stark is combating terrorists from the very beginning of this story. Throughout the book you get a feel for Van Lente's Tony Stark (cocky, brash, and to-the-point). I always like when the writers do a good job with the man underneath all that armor and I think Fred has done a good job.  
As stated in the synopsis, the price of this comic. I think it could have very easily been $4.99 with the reprint of the issue in the back. Publishers are always looking for excuses to increase cover prices and one of the many ways they do this is to add filler. In my opinon, it wasn't "filler" but served a purpose. However, the reprint made this issue feel more like an annual than a #1.

The Bad  

The co-feature. I just skipped over it all together so I could have gone without. I've already heard the origin story and therefore don't need to rehash it. How about adding that to the collected edition instead of the first issue Marvel? 

One other complaint that I have is contained in the story. I don't know why they've decided to put Iron Man into another armored suit (see graphic). As if his armor isn't strong enough...Iron Man needs to get into another armored suit? Really? 

Verdict (3.5)

Well put together issue and great plot. However, as usual, immediately subtract a point for the pointless co-feature. I'll also take a half point for the Iron Man in layered suits that leaves a 3.5 score. I liked this issue and may consider adding another Iron Man title to my monthly pull list. Now to hit the back issue bins to play some catch up!

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