Extremis VS Bleeding edge which armor is better?

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This is not a battle but i want to get your opinions on which armor you think is better. persenaly i'm going to side with the Extremis armor mainly because i just like it more lol. 

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Personal preference, I liked Extremis. But as for which is better, Tony's current suit (which I assume is what Bleeding Edge is) appears to be better. Or I should say it's supposed to be better. I haven't seen any great offensive feats yet. It does make it a lot more portable and, I believe, Tony is more intelligent with his new upgrade.

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Bleeding edge tech is a term that's sort of a mash up between leading and bleeding.  It suggests the tech's so new that it could be unreliable or even harmful to the user.  I don't think Tony's ever named an armour set 'Bleeding Edge' but his newest armour usually has kinks in it that.
If you're talking about do you prefer his usual set up vs. Extremis, I really liked the idea of Extremis and it was a cool alternative but I prefer him less 'plugged in' to his surroundings like he is usually

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Personally I like the extremis a little more, and as for which is more powerful/better, it is the bleeding edge armor. 

Iron Man Armor
#5 Posted by Emperormeister734 (884 posts) - - Show Bio

Bleeding Edge Armor, to me Extremis brought out Darkness in Tony that made me hate him

#6 Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt (14248 posts) - - Show Bio

I prefer the bleeding edge armor and everything that i've read on it leads me to believe that it is superior but then again i haven't read to much about it.

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I personally like the Bleeding Edge better though I think of BE as "Tony's last armor", while Extremis is the exellent precurssor to BE.

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I think I like Extremis armor better its easier on the eyes plus I can actually draw it unlike the Bleeding Edge.

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I was always under the impression that bleeding edge was the better if the two

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