An Idea For A New Iron Man Armor

#1 Posted by DarkKnight96000 (1156 posts) - - Show Bio

An Iron Man armor powered by and designed to harness the power of a Cosmic Cube.

#2 Posted by DEGRAAF (8341 posts) - - Show Bio

i thought he had one powered by the cosmic cube? wasnt it blue? i thought he highjacked some hightech suit
#3 Posted by Jake Fury (21336 posts) - - Show Bio

His suit in Avengers vs JLA powered by the motherbox was a beast.
#4 Posted by LT1085 (3677 posts) - - Show Bio
@DEGRAAF: did the issue end in reed richards' lab with a giant hand stuck in the big portal?
#5 Posted by Fire-brand (2342 posts) - - Show Bio

i would rather see an armor that harnesses the power of the reality gem. or maybe the power gem. if he could tap into the power of just ONE of the infinity gems, he would be unstoppable.

#6 Posted by DEGRAAF (8341 posts) - - Show Bio

lol haha yea 
what is the power gem and how is that different then the inifinity gems? i thought the cosmic cube was the most powerful

#7 Posted by RedK (2541 posts) - - Show Bio
@DEGRAAF:  the power gem is one of the 5 infinity gems
#8 Posted by DEGRAAF (8341 posts) - - Show Bio
ah thanks
#9 Posted by Fire-brand (2342 posts) - - Show Bio
@RedK: 7 actually
#10 Posted by RedK (2541 posts) - - Show Bio
@Fire-brand:  always thought it was 5, in the illuminati Reed split the gems between the five members so just assumed that they had all the gems, 
#11 Posted by The Mango (1504 posts) - - Show Bio

I also have thought about Stark incorporating the Reality gem into his armor.
Honestly I think the Power gem would fit Stark's personality and tech better, but the Reality gem is the one he has, so that's the one he would probably use.

#12 Posted by AmazingWebHead (6957 posts) - - Show Bio

A subterranean armor with a big drill on it's arm. Or an inferno armor with a freeze ray.

#13 Edited by The_Beyonders_Car (70 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm thinking of the infinity gauntlet but a iron man armor version of that.

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