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AVENGERS DISASSEMBLED TIE-IN! Tony Stark cares too much, and that's always been his downfall. His concerns over the welfare of the world have led him to alcoholism, caused him to alienate himself from those he loves, and forced him to make decisions he never should have made. Now, disgraced before the United Nations and uncertain of his own stability, Tony Stark retreats into seclusion -- a ticking-time bomb of raw emotion. And if he doesn't get it under control soon--he's gonna explode. Meanwhile, Iron Man goes on a murderous rampage aimed at those in charge of Stark Enterprises!

In Japan, Rumiko--a former girlfriend of Tony's--has seen his speech at the United Nations and is concerned for him. She attempts to reach him via phone but Tony does not answer. She's upset and would like to help him through this hard time.

Back in New York, Tony is in a conversation with an old friend Harold "Happy" Hogan. Tony states that he knows that he really messed up at the U.N. and that he wasn't drunk. He says that he had a "Hulk Moment". His friend tells him that Pepper is upset and has been depressed since the incident. Tony thanks him for this advisement and mentions that it's nice to know that someone cares. Near the end of the conversation, Tony tells him to stay clear of 5th Avenue and then hangs up.

At Stark Tower, the board of directors is discussing Stark Industries recent financial setbacks and what their strategy is to overcome the downfall. They adjourn for a break and a few of the women head for the bathroom. There they begin to talk trash about Tony and his company. Pepper comes in and begins to defend him. She points out that if it weren't for him they wouldn't have paid maternity leave or child care at their jobs. Disgusted, she leaves and heads back to the board meeting. Shortly thereafter the board meeting is reconvened.

Iron Man comes busting through the windows of the meeting room and begins to open fire killing all of the board members. Pepper and Harold are making their way up to the board meeing in an elevator when it stops just shy of the meeting room floor. They pry the door open just long enough to see Iron Man standing over all of the bodies. Iron Man, does not shoot them and begins his escape from the approaching SWAT team. They open fire on him and he flys out of the window into the open sky.

In Japan, Rumiko is boarding an airplane to come to New York to talk to Tony. She begins to hell her friend about the on-and-off releationship she had with him on the ride over to N.Y.

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