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When Tony Stark is ordered to recover sensitive, top-secret materials from Avengers Mansion, his duties as Secretary of State come into conflict with his standing as an Avenger -- in the most explosive way possible!

As Vision arrives at Avengers Mansion, he notices that everyone in the surrounding area's cell phone and radio transmissions have been jammed. He concludes that someone must've activated the mansion's new Jamming System. When Vision enters, the Arsenal robot is being beaten down by the Avengers.

The government attempts to contact Iron Man, but has trouble due to the jammed reception. Soon, Warbird arrives on the scene with tons of troops from the Department of Homeland Security.

Warbird, with ease, shoots the robot to the ground. Soon, the troops begin to net up and carry away Arsenal. In classic comic style, however, the robot does not seem to be dead, and breaks free from the net.

Iron Man and Warbird decided that by destroying Arsenal's Jammer Dish, they would be able to shut him down. Arsenal was defeated in this way. Shortly after, Iron Man is seen at the National D-Day Museum, giving a speech, then talking with some of his fellow politicians about the troubles of juggling three jobs.

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