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STAND-ALONE STORY: The Titanium Man!     
Stark wakes up feeling drunk and in a strange suit of armor. Stumbling around, he encounters Titanium Man and attacks him, until Titanium Man protests they are allies. Stark discovers they're both flying through space just before a pre-recorded video of Stark activates. He explains some memory loss is anticipated as a side effect of the high speeds they are traveling at, velocities necessary to reach an intercept point in time to stop a meteor from hitting Earth. Titanium Man unmasks, identifying as Andy Stockwell from Mississippi, wearing a replica of the Russian Titanium Man's armor. They successfully fire the rest of two required shots, but Titanium Man then attacks Iron Man, revealing he is a Russian communist and wants the remaining parts of the comet to fall on Earth's western hemisphere, destroying America and giving his sleeper cell the Hammer the opportunity they need to rise up. Having already seen through Titanium Man's ruse, Iron Man has removed the weapon's control key to prevent the launch from being aborted. Titanium Man goes outside the ship to try to disable the weapon, but is sent flying as it fires its last shot at the comet, and falls into space. Tony returns to Earth an unsung hero, the public is never informed of the danger to spare them the panic had the mission failed.







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