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What’s this? Iron Man rescuing Tony Stark? But Iron Man is Tony Stark. Isn’t he? For the shattering answer, you must read!

Merely back from another world and having just put an end to the Super Villains War of the Black Lama, Tony Stark as Iron Man stumbles onto thiefs trying to steal plans for a canon from the New York Branch of Stark International, but he easily stops them.

Tony Stark then goes to his office, where he meets with Pepper and Hogan who have been taking care of the business in his absence. On their suggestion, he takes a tour of his industry, along which he has a chance encounter with Abe Klein, his old electrical engineering professor who happens to be unemployed, so Tony hires him.

The same night, he helds a party for the Iron Man Fundation at his appartment where Happy poses as Iron Man so both Tony Stark and Iron Man may appear for the event. The party is first crashed by Michael O'Brien, accusing Tony Stark of the murder of his brother, Kevin O'Brien, who died, as the Guardsman, during a fight against Shellhead. When he is calmed down, the Super-Apes come in to abduct Tony Stark. They are stopped by Happy, still posing as Iron Man, but they eventually beats him and he lies dead in the street. The Apes abduct Tony Stark and bring him to their master, revealed to be the Red Ghost, but this time, he is a real ghost !

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