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Western France. Tony weaves his flying car above the trees. He has a lady with him, named Yvette Avril. She is chief of European Operations for Stark-Fujikawa industries. But right now, Whiplash is hot on their trail, and Tony is doing his best to outrun him. But he doesn’t succeed. Whiplash damages on of the jets of the car and Tony goes down. However, he succeeds in getting the car into a nearby tunnel. He signals Yvette to run, while he puts on his armor in the shadows.

As Tony dons his armor, he recounts the recent past. A few days before, the Avengers managed to stop the Kree from executing their devious plans, but they lost Carol Danvers. She didn’t want to speak, so Tony went back to search for his “Mystery Man”. He succeeded partially, but needed access to more information. So, he came to France and was welcomed by Yvette. He got into Stark-Fujikawa’s computers and carried on his search. Otherwise, he was dating her, but that’s when Whiplash showed up.

Tony comes out as Iron Man and engages Whiplash. But Whiplash simply kicks his butts. Tony manages to knock him off his hover-platform, but Whiplash gets back up. He hits Iron Man with a supercharged whip and cracks his armor. Iron Man tries to talk him out of fighting, bringing up memories about Michael Scarlotti. But Whiplash refuses to listen. He sees that Iron Man has damaged his platform, so he brings out his Kinetic Whip and hits Iron Man so hard that he propels backwards to crash into a restaurant. Whiplash says that he was hired to kill Tony Stark. With that, Whiplash is gone.

Next day, Tony fixes up his armor inside his private jet and calls Pepper. She says that she needs him back home. Happy catches a flirtatious note in his boss’ voice and goes away, not liking it.

Back in France, Tony goes out with Yvette. They have a wonderful time, and Yvette gives Tony a beautiful flower to wear on his shirt. Tony comes back to Stark-Fujikawa industries, with a calmed mind. He sets to work on his target, the “mystery man”, but is initially unable to hack into the opponent’s systems. Finally, after much wasted effort, he gains a backdoor into the target. It resolves to show an ideogram on the screen. Tony recognizes the symbol, one identifying Mandarin.

Happy and Pepper are having an argument over Tony’s flirtatious nature. Happy calls Socrates an ugly dog, and he snaps so loudly, that Happy falls upon his back. This is when he spots the hidden communicator under the desk. He shows it to Pepper, and she accuses Dorleen of planting it. Then, she suddenly realizes that all their private talks with Tony might have been tapped.

Elsewhere, Tony plans to go out of the building. He sees a lady sitting and asks her the way out. She points him towards a door. As Tony comes out, Pepper calls him. She warns him that his identity has been compromised and asks him to get out of the place as soon as possible. Tony doesn’t get very far. His path is blocked by five assassins belonging to Espionage Elite. They separate him from his armor containing briefcase and start attacking him. As kicks and punches rain down on Tony, he catches a glimpse of the Spymaster. He almost loses consciousness, when the assassins are attacked by a third party. The Black Widow jumps into the fray and stop the assassins from harming Tony any further. She drives them away with her electro-blasts and turns her attention towards Tony. But she is terrified to find that his heart has stopped beating!

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