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The 2nd major story arc in Iron Man’s fan-favorite new direction continues. American soldiers are mysteriously vanishing in the Middle East – and it's up to Iron Man to investigate. Tony confronts a deadly new force in Iraq – to find there's a deadlier new super-villain pulling the strings!    
In Hatra, Rob Schweiger is found by US soldiers and explains that he is exploring a temple which might be an ancient site of worship to the goddess Ishtar. Suddenly, someone attacks Scheiger and the soldiers. In Washington, Tony Stark is sworn in as Secretary of Defense. He is quickly brought to the Pentagon for a meeting with the Joint Chiefs and makes swift demands for improvement to their departments. Tony happens to run into Rayburn and hints that he knows Rayburn was the one who alerted him to Burch's activities ans wants to congratulate him. At a White House briefing, Tony learns about various assaults in Iraq where vehicles and equipment were corroded by an unknown weapon. The President decides to send Tony to Iraq to investigate further. At Edgewood, Force dons a new suit od armor and vows to confront Tony over their past.

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