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The issue opens with The Mandarin chastising Madam Hydra for her efforts to kill Tony Stark, as he needs him alive to conduct "delicate business" but gives her the go ahead to create distractions for him.However he does warn her not to kill him as he departs, while Madame Hydra ponders why his form is different each time she sees him.While back at the Avenger's Mansion Tony shows the armory to Thor, although quickly realizes the concept is lost on the God although as he departs he offers Tony some advice as he departs.While Pepper arrives and is chastised for entering the tunnels without Stark's permission,while elsewhere Leonard Samson is being interrogated by a group of thugs who threaten him with a highly concentrated dose of Gamma Isotopes unless he reveals where Bruce Banner is hiding.While back at his home Happy delivers the news of the public's approval of Iron Man and Stark's funding of the Avengers while delivering the news of Uppercreek Fall's disappointment in Tony.He then has Pepper prepare a visit to the town as she rushes him out the door, before sharing a passionate kiss with Happy,while on his way home he notices that the news has gotten wind that Bruce Banner is the Hulk as he believes Nick Fury responsible.However he is interrupted by an explosion from his officer, he quickly dons his armor rushing back to find only Pepper who announces that Happy has been killed as a man in a suit of armor appears.

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