kfhrfdu_89_76k's Iron Man #64 - Standoff Part Two review

Part two of a mediocre story arc.

Bit of the plot.

SO, the story continues from a Thor issue. Iron man tells Thor that if he has to, he`ll fight against him. (Dr.) Doom starts to act out his plans. Other stuff happens. The battle between Thor and Iron man begins.

Scattered thoughts of the issue.

The art has stayed consistent (for my opinion of it, here`s a link to the review of the previous part). Coloring too.

This part is written by a different writer. Fortunately, it doesn`t really matter. To me, at least. Especially since it differs from Jurgens`s style quite little. There`s lil differences here and there. Or maybe I don`t notice them.

Mike grell writes (realistically and fascinatingly) about the new religion around Thor. That`s a nice touch. Frankly, its my faf part of the story.

Still no sign of the dictator of Slokovia. Good.

That new Iron man armor isn`t all that cool. I don`t know if it deserves a splash page. Of course, there are those who differ, but this my damn review.

The plot moves forward. By the end of this issue, Thor and Iron man have begun to fight, and Cap has made an appearance.

The issue`s fast paced, but still gives reader enough scenes. 8, if I counted correctly. This is due to the fact taht it`s compressed. Unlike, say, Geoff Johns written Aquaman.

Surprisingly, the fight that starts in the ish, takes 9 pages. I thought that it took less. The fight, by the way, doesn`t do much for me.

Doom`s included to this one (like I previously mentioned). It makes sense to have him here, I guess. It`s just that, he`s pretty mediocre in this one. I think taht they could`ve reduced his role in the story, considerably.

Should you buy and/or read it?

If you`re a fan of the characters, you`ll probably wanna pick this up, since it doesn`t present them out of character (in a bad way). If you have the first part, and wanna finish the story, you should read this. If you`re interested about all this stuff that I`ve listed, read it. If you want to read an okay story, about superheroes, read it. Otherwise, pass it.


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