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The issue opens with Iron Man, the Slokovian army behind him confronting Thor, who is protecting the people of Slokovia, who have come to worship him as a good. Behind him is Balder, and numerous other Asgardian warriors, riding winged steeds with their blade unsheated and looking prepared for battle. Tony attempts to convince Thor that he is making the wrong decision, and his actions with start a fight between the two sides, but Thor tells him to stay out of his godly affairs. Tony retaliates by saying that Thor is not his god, but his friend and he does not want to fight him.

The people of Slokovia then come forward and praise Thor, who tells Balder and the others to usher them away from the battle field. Thor turns back to Iron Man, telling him that this is their line in the sand, smashing his hammer and making a large crack that divides his side with the side that Iron Man is on. He warns them not to cross and walks away. As the Slokovian army is ready to fire, Iron Man stops them and tells them that they are not ready yet. As Iron Man flies away, he is contacted by Doctor Doom, who is telling them they should meet.

As Iron Man heads to meet with Victor Von Doom, we see a Stark employee watching the news on television about the whole incident. Finally arriving at Doom's castle, him and Iron Man start with some quips at one another, but Doom then expresses his concern about the incident. Doom suggests he uses an armor lined with similar substances as Thor's Asgardian methods, and Tony rebukes this, telling him that if he wants to see a conflict, he'll need to get Pay Per View.

We switch back to Thor, who is troubled about the oncoming conflict. Blader, his loyal friend attempts to express his faith in Thor, who thanks him. While he is voicing his troubles, the Stark employee leaves the comfort of his house with a backwards glance at a picture of a young girl. He arrives at his job and is emptying the trash in one of the rooms when Iron Man and Pepper Potts enter the room.

Tony reveals that he has figured out a way to tap into the same energy as Thor's hammer, and has channeled it into a suit of armor. It is a huge suit, the normal Iron Man colors, but easily the size of the Destroyer armor. As Tony and Pepper watch it, the employee takes pictures of the blueprints. In Latveria, Doom recieves the images and revels in the fact that he now could destroy Thor, unless Iron Man does it first.

Back in Slokovia, Thor is charging the line of the Slokovian army, warning them that they will now experience his wrath. Iron Man flies toward him, and as Thor is about to strike Iron Man, he slams into him, sending Thor flying backwards and skidding on the ground. The two erupt in a huge fight, using all kinds of methods, physical and mental to derail their opponent.

Meanwhile, the Slokovian army sends their army towards the two, telling them that Iron Man has failed. They are stopped by Captain America, who is asking them to stop. As he speaks with them, Thor and Iron Man collide, sending Cap and the army flying backwards, due to the impact of the explosion.

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