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EXTREMIS: Part 6 (of 6) This is it—the pulse-pounding conclusion you’ve been waiting for! As the new Iron Man battles the foe who nearly brought him to death’s door, the Extremis serum takes its toll on his system. And who exactly is behind the Extremis leak? The answer might surprise you!

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Conclusion to Extremis... 0

I'm gonna miss this amazing story arc. Unlike the person who posted above me, I liked this conclusion. It was everything that I wanted this great arc to end... a big fight.This entire issue was just one big fight brought to you by Tony Stark, the strongest drugged up super robotic human, Mallen, the nutty Extremis enhancle with fire breathing powers, Warren Ellis, the mastermind behind this story and Adi Granov, whose art is this story arc's strongest asset. To be completely honest, this story c...

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Iron Man 6 0

With Warren Eliis writing and Adi Granov adding his amazing art, it's hard not to think that this book should be knocking it out of the park (as you Americans like to say).  However, I must admit to being slightly disappointed with the conclusion to this story which is pretty much one big, huge fight between Iron Man and the Extremis adled Mallen.  Now, that's not to say that it isn't a good fight.  In fact, fans of good fights will probably like this issue a lot, especially the bit where Iron M...

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Iron Man's finally on the 21st century! 0

I read this series a long time ago but it's still fresh on my mind, like i had finished it just yesterday. I was frigging surprised while i was reading it, i mean, Iron Man has always been a cool character, but he absolutely had NO LUCK when it comes down to artwork, his costume looked, so, so lame. but that was just what Warren Ellis and Adi Granov came in for: CHANGE. His costume did look as an armor. Something practical, functional, robot-like... Some artists still make the same mistake with ...

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