dark_noldor's Iron Man #5 - Believe, Part 5: Men of the World review

Men of the Earth (and of the Universe)

One of the biggest disapointments to me in the Marvel NOW initiative was this title, I had such high hopes that Gillen would deliver amazing and fantastic stories of Iron Man, instead he came up with this mediocre mission of Iron Man having to rescue the Extrmis Kits from different people. Sure there was at least an evolution of quality, since after the complete failure of issues 1 and 2, issues 3 and 4 showed a little upgrade in perspective, but now, with this fifth issue, I'm glad I stopped getting new issues, I won't miss this title at all. Even Greg Land, an artist that I always supported and cherished, even him, who most hate because of his techique and style, he let me down too, his art was horrible in these five issue arc story. You start to worry when an artist can't deliver a character in armory. Ok, this issue wasn't a complete fail, it had it's moments, like Tony listening to Eli before making his mind, but overall, the whole writing was boring, especially his dialogues with Pepper, both in the beginning and in the end of the issue. Even Iron Man big fans will be disapointed by this conclusion and I, who aren't the biggest the fan, am gladly to be out this sinking ship when it's still time. Recommend you to do the same! (ok, there's a prospect of a brighter future, with Dale Eaglesham coming on board, but I still prefer not to take that bet)


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    It's hard to say that this series has been anything but disappointing, but it has. After Kieron Gillen's amazing work on Journey Into Mystery, and the fact that the previous Iron Man series (The Invincible Iron Man) was brilliant, I was expecting the same here, but unfortunately we've received a very inconsistent series, which has overall been very poor.PlotThis issue sees Iron Man head into space to retrieve the final rouge Extremis technology, and he will also have to tangle with an old friend...

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