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Caribbean. Isla Suerte. An island thriving only on the tourist industry it sports. Chairmen and delegates of multi-national companies and reporters from all over the world have arrived to attend the unveiling of Stark Solutions’ new Webvoyager software. As Tony describes the software, the audience look on. After he finishes, his cousin, Morgan Stark takes over, continuing with more financial matters.

According to Tony, Isla Suerte is “a little slice of heaven”. Tony sits on the beach, admiring the beauty of both the island and a certain lusty lady. He makes a call to Happy Hogan, suggesting that he and Pepper come down here for a vacation. Happy hesitates and then tells him that they have got divorced. Tony is taken aback at the revelation. Happy continues, telling of his past failures and his incompatibility with Pepper. How she tried to make him happy, but failed. As she started to think that Happy was cheating her, she divorced. Happy says that he will talk later and signs out. Tony can’t help feeling guilty of not caring for his friends. As the lady strides past him, he continues to stare at her and realizes it too late, when she returns the stare.

Above the clouds, a spaceship waits, cloaked from view. The Flaming Sword and their trusted assassin, Firebrand wait, ready to strike at nightfall.

Later, that evening, Stark Solutions is throwing a party. The people enjoy themselves, while tony spots Rhodey. He wants to check out, but Morgan introduces him to Kenjiro Fujikawa, president of Stark-Fujikawa industries. Rumiko, granddaughter of Kenjiro, comes from beside him and at once recognizes Tony from the beach. Tony blushes. But Sunset Bain comes from behind, asking Tony to accompany her. Rumiko intervenes and takes Tony away, while Tony apologizes to Sunset.

Later, Tony and Rumiko walk along the beach. Rumiko says that she got him out to annoy her parents. They are talking, when suddenly boats erupt into flames around them. Huge fireballs fall from the sky. Firebrand makes his dramatic entry, threatening to destroy the island. Tony asks Rumiko to go back to the city, while he makes a run for his armor.

Minutes later, Tony comes out as Iron Man and confronts Firebrand. He makes the first attack. But Firebrand’s gear transforms itself into some weapon and he fires a blast at Tony, trapping him in a solid sphere of fire. Tony manages to re-channel the heat into power and breaks free. Firebrand prepares to launch a super blast, but Tony pushes him, causing his blast to soar over the city and into the mountains. He fires at Firebrand’s gear. But then something happens. Firebrand’s power starts escalating out of control. Tony realizes the danger and grabs his gear. He dives into the ocean, taking Firebrand with him. Seconds later, Firebrand explodes underwater. Tony somehow comes out but fails to locate Firebrand.

Iron Man heads over to the city to try to help people. He spots Rhodey and asks him about his presence here. Rhodey lies to him, but Tony leaves him alone. He spots Rumiko, sees her organizing instant firefighters and ad hoc clinics.

Later, Tony, Rhodey, Rumiko and Morgan talk to the local authorities. Reports say that the police foerce has been decimated in the attack. Tony asks Rhodey to find some weapons and organize a local patrol. But suddenly Firebrand reappears over the city. He threatens to destroy the island. He flies over to the extinct volcano and fires continuously at it. The resulting impact exposes the core and lava starts spurting out, flowing towards the inhabited area below…    

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