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While Tony decides to recreate Stark Industries as an ethical company, the Mandarin awakens, and Vor/Tex moves on to the next phase of his plan.


In Nevada Iron Man fights against the Hulk at Stane's Zephyr Flats plant; currently possessing his scientist alter ego's genius intellect, the Hulk makes it clear he intends to ensure the plant can never return to manufacturing gamma bombs.

Meanwhile in Los Angeles, Abe provides Bethany with a list of hacker hangouts to check for Raven; he intends to accompany her, until Erica berates him for wanting to risk his life needlessly.

Back at Zephyr Flats, the combat ends when the Hulk reasons with Iron Man, nothing that he only wanted to confirm a logical schedule for the planned dismantling. Having reached an accord, they destroy the evacuated plant together.

Later, Tony holds a meeting where he calls for Stark Enterprises to be shut down.

Finally, Bethany finds to Raven and captures him.

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