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Issue #300 celebration! Stark leads the Iron Legion against Ultimo, the living holocaust! Guest appearance by War Machine!


A 300th Issue Celebration

The issue begins with Tony Stark in a coma due to a failure in his Cybernetic Nervous System. Meanwhile, Ultimo is descending on Futura, ready to attack. As usual, the military has no power against this menace. To conquer this issue, War Machine, a friend of Stark's, assembles a team of important figures, mostly with combat experience. (Happy Hogan, Eddie March, Bethany Cabe, Mike O' Brien, and Carl Walker.) He arms the 5 new recruits with Stark's old Iron Man suits, including the likes of the original Iron Man suit. They quickly descend into battle with Ultimo. Immediately, they seem to be inflicting collateral damage on Ultimo. When Ultimo rises again, however, he starts picking off the Iron Men one-by-one. Eddie March is the first to go. In an attempt to save Eddie, Carl Walker's suit is melted. Happy Hogan is also beaten to the ground shortly after. Mike is employed to warn the people of Futura of the oncoming danger, leaving only War Machine and Beth Cabe to fight Ultimo. Meanwhile, Tony Stark battles the personification of his father's spirit inside of him. When he defeats him, he quickly wakes up from his coma, and comes to the aid of the Iron Legion. The battle lasts only a few seconds, leaving Ultimo nothing more than a pile of scrap metal. A disgruntled War Machine tells off Stark, and refuses to ever protect Stark again.

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