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Good Movie? Good Comicbook Movie? Or Both?(A Spoiler Free Review)

As you can see with the 5/5 rating, I loved it. So at least, it's a good movie. But anyway, let's start talking. I'll begin with the cast, then go to the plot/script, then the directing, swinging into my disappointments/movie shortcomings with the Conclusion last. 1st the Cast.

The Cast:

I have to say I loved the cast. As everyone knows, Robert Downy Jr. is arguably the most accurate, beloved portrayals of a comicbook character ever, and is ranked in the Top 3 for almost everyone's list, if not 1st (though Heath Ledger's Joker usually wins that spot). Well, I can tell you, he does not disappoint, as if that was a question!

Pepper Potts is again done awesomely by Gwyneth Palthrow and is without a doubt even more enjoyable in this movie than in the other 2. Don Cheadle gets some time to shine as well and is even more enjoyable in this movie than in Iron Man 2.

Then, we come to Guy Pearce who I have to say, I enjoyed immensely. I will not mention anything further than this(as it would spoil the movie). However, I have to say I enjoyed his character so much that if Iron Man 3 didn't have Guy Pearce as Aldrich and had someone else play him or even had a different character, I wouldn't have enjoyed the movie as much.

Next we have Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin, I will not talk much about him, as I would spoil the movie. But I have to state that, I'm emotionally detached from this choice. You may think "Oh no! Mandarin has been done wrongly and that's why you're emotionally detached". That isn't it though, and I could have had a markedly worse reaction than I did and I think you probably will if you are a big Mandarin fan.

Lastly I would like to talk about the little kid who I found to be a highlight in the film. There is no denying,Ty Simpkins, played the kid Harley phenomenally, and I doubt the movie would have been as good if he hadn't been in it.

The Plot/Scripting:

This movie, in my opinion, had a awesome script: a lot praise should be heaped on it. This movie has a darker mood than the 1st 2, but surprisingly has room for the same amount of humor which is something I find extremely surprising as this is a big feat that is not easily accomplished. The finale was written well and was super dark, yet still finding time for that classic Iron Man humor and guess what... they both merged well enough that, neither side ruined each other or lessened the tension.

I also feel that I need to mention that the twist in the movie, despite, being bothersome to some fans was written well. Whether or not you'll like it is one thing, but there is no denying that it fit in seamlessly.


The 3rd and last element is the unseen eye behind the camera. This guy is important behind all movies. Joss Whedon was easily the best director of last year, and we have yet to determine whether or not Shane Black will win this ones as we are way to early in the year to find out.

If you asked me the quality of directing I would have to say it was Top Notch. The Darker tone mixed with the humor well, and almost all the credit goes to Shane. Now, I have never seen a Shane Black movie before this one, but if what I got here was his average, then I will be in for a treat if I ever see any more of them. His ideas are all good except for maybe the twist. I will discuss the twist in more detail later in the conclusion.


Again this section will be brief and spoiler free. I have to say I was disappointed with the amount of action involving Rhodey. I feel like he was a underutilized resource in the film. Despite this, he does have time to shine though not as much in the action scenes as I had hoped.

One thing that may bother some people however, is the twist. The twist is a major one and is highly confrontational. Depending on how well you deal with this, will determine how well you enjoy the movie. So when the twist comes expect something major, but put it temporarily in the back of your mind when you watch the movie just as I did. You'll know when it hits. Trust me. That covers the disappointments/shortcomings.


So, I hope you've found this review helpful. I would like to mention that with all considered, this movie accomplishes all it needs and wants to accomplish, but because of its twist, some fans will hate this movie, and I can kinda understand why. As a movie, I applaud it for being truly amazing. I liked it as a comicbook movie, but I don't know what you will think. I believe it wins both the good movie and good comicbook movie awards and is the best Iron Man movie to date. But that is up to you to decide. Pay for the tickets, see the movie, find a spoiler blog and talk about it. As said earlier,depending on what your reaction to the Twist is, will determine how much you like or dislike it. I personally didn't mind the twist and enjoyed the movie.

At the end of the movie there will be a recap(made up of pictures) of all the best moments of the trilogy. For all intents and purposes, this is arguably one of the most important sections(even though the credits are rolling!). Right then, I decided to write how I gave this a 5/5. What will you give this?

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Nice review!

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

Great review. Really liked the organization. Keep up the great work. Hope to see you do more reviews in the future =)

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

Great review, and well structured. Love how you've broke it down into cast, plot, and so on, and hope you do more reviews in the future.

Edited by BlueLantern1995
Posted by RIKR2

Great review but don’t agree with the grade .. but you said it in ur review (I’m a fan of the Mandari) so u know why :P

Posted by johnkmccubbin91
Posted by darktiger


Posted by BlueLantern1995
Posted by TheCannon

Great review. Done amazingly well.

Posted by BlueLantern1995

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