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Iron Man III

This is my first attempt to review a movie of all things, but i figured i had to take a side what with all the mixed views on the third iron man movie. Lets get one thing straight, some of the folks didn't manage to see what the movie was trying to show with it's actions, and if you actually think about it, it makes a lot of damn sense, it's far from perfect, but it's not horrible either.

First things first, The movie takes of basically where the avengers left off, with tony dealing with some of the stuff we went through, he realizes that he is just a man in an armor, and that would mean that he would have to upgrade his gear to keep up with the big boys, and this was his fatal mistake. Tony struggles to realize that he is not a simple guy in an armor, honestly, he is so much more than that. and what this movie gives is TONY doing most of the action, which is the biggest highlight here.

Tony is left without his suit for a while, there for he has to realize that he must simply rely on his wit and intellect to survive. THIS RIGHT HERE! is the reason why this movie in the end turned out to be good. The whole point they were trying to make is that tony is more than just a guy in a suit, he IS iron man, inside and out. wasn't that the whole point of Warren ellis's Extremis story? that tony evolved beyond that limitation?

This idea is further strengthened by two very important things. Tony Gets obsessed with making suites, and at the end of the film, during the final battle, most of the suits get destroyed. If heard people seriously complain about this, but isn't it obvious? this was done to show that no matter what suit tony puts on, it makes no difference, because TONY STARK IS IRON MAN! thats the point this movie was trying to make, it no longer mattered if the suits get destroyed, because tony would make a new one, better than the old one, because thats what he does, because he makes the Armor, not the other way around.

Furthermore, the fact that Tony was cured in the end says, that as futurist, and as iron man, tony didn't need something that would have held him back, because in order to reach evolution and progression, one must take risks.

However, there was ONE fatal problem with the story. Mandarin. Earlier on, i watched a youtube video by JeremyJahns , and i found to agree with everything he had said. If i was a simple watcher, one who does not read iron man comics, i would be VERY happy, because Mandarins big twist, made the big baddie of the film even more vile and evil, and it made him more of a threat. However, if i was a comic book iron man fan, i would have been very angry, because a good villain was used as an excuses to make another villain even more threatening. so maybe this wasn't the best decision of all time, though i didn't mind it that much, i just rolled with it.

as for the acting. Seriously, Robert is tony stark, his acting was top notch and HE is what makes this franchise so awesome. Guy Pearce played the role of a villain perfectly, he was vile, evil, and kinda an arse, so i loved the way he played killian, however his motivations were a bit "meh" since it didn't make much sense at times, what did he want to do? why did he exactly kidnap the president? i get that he was a looser in life, but the motivation wasn't all that clear, and it was a but childish and silly.

Despite the movies strengths and pluses, it also has a fair amount of weaknesses. first off , why would tony give his whereabouts to a terrorist? i get that he is iron man and all, but he not only put himself in danger, but pepper too. this is very irresponsible of tony, i mean, he seriously didn't think this through? tony stark, the revolutionary genius didn't think this through? weird.

also, the movie did a poor job of balancing comedy, sure lots of bits were funny but as soon as i though the moment was serious, it was ruined by a gag or some joke here and there, and it really took away the dark element surrounding the movie. some Gags were even seriously dragged out to the point where the comedic value was diminished completely. Moreover, the introduction of the Kid felt useless to me in many ways, sure he wasn't shoved down out throats which is mostly the case, but he still had no place of being here, in the end though, it didn't bother me that much since it worked out.

and While the acting was top notch, some of the characters weren't developed well enough, so i, as a viewer didn't care about them, because they were flat characters, and had no personality whatsoever, in fact some of the felt like props, which is a major downside.

In conclusion, when i first watched the movie i thought it was awesome, and in many ways it is, but it makes up for it with its flaws and plot holes, which i only saw after re-watching the movie a few times. It's far from perfect, but to be honest it's a fun movie to watch, seriously, this is something to watch for the pure entertainment value, and you'll have fun along the way, so essentially i'd say thats it's a decent movie.

PC: Some people say that the end credit scene was useless, but for me it hinted that a certain green behemoth would make a come back in phase three or four of the marvel cinematic Universe.

Recommended: it's fun, must be watched for pure entertainment!

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