mr_colossus's Iron Man 3 review

Excellent Movie with great character development

Iron Man 3 was a great addition to the Marvel cinematic universe. I was afraid that it would follow suit (pun intended) and be another armor wearing adventure for Tony Stark. That's all good and well but how many good movies can you have with the same plot. Bad guy shows up, Iron Man comes to save the day, beats Villain and roll credits. This plot was excellent in the fact that were see Tony Stark become Iron Man rather than him play Iron Man. He embodied his identity and we get to witness him grow leaps and bounds over where he was before. Great job of letting the character grow and his potential rises. Yes, there were a few twists that maybe could have been worked on and made things more Comic fan friendly. I have come to realize that the comic book world and the cinematic worlds can't be the same and shouldn't. As long as they keep things somewhat correct I can live with it. Overall I think this an excellent movie. It's one of the best comic related movie out. I would highly recommend it.


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