pyrogram's Iron Man 3 review

A joke Movie, Nothing more....


This movie started of brilliantly, the comedy and serious was well balanced, at the start. The Mandarin was done AMAZINGLY, He was a real foe. It was going to be amazing...then..

The whole movie became a joke when they totally disgraced the character The Mandarin..

In the comics The Mandarin was Iron Mans biggest foe and arch nemesis.. They had a great chance to give that character justice but instead they decide to go through the comedy route and make this whole movie totally hollow.

They ruined his character, and they even made him non-existent as a Foe to the end, saying he was an "Actor" and not a real villain, rubbish.

The whole movie was gag after gag, the fight scenes ruined by joke and stupid stunt every second, I cannot name ONE serious fight scene.

The CGI was good, but it did not make up for the rubbish writing, and lack of thought put behind the script.

Even after the credits it was another gag joke for the audience rather a continuation to tease the next Marvel movie. Very disappointed in what maybe the last Iron Man movie for a while..

Sorry Marvel, You failed this movie.

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Posted by theTimeStreamer

how was he a great foe? he was talking like nixon! he had a really thick american accent. i deduced he was a fake after his 2nd video. the mandarin was perfect as he was. non-existent. magic man is just stupid from a movie. he might be good in comics but he absolutely doesnt work in the movies.

Posted by Pyrogram

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