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The Many Armours of Iron Man 0

I've been looking forward to this film for ages, and with the previous Marvel Studios film, The Avengers being awesome I was expecting it to continue in this one.PlotSPOILER FREEIn 1999, on New Years Eve Tony Stark is at a convention where he meets Maya Hansen. In the present Tony is still dealing with the events of the Avengers, and the America's being attacked by a terrorist called the Mandarin. Also Aldrich Killian is the head of the company A.I.M., and is using Maya's Extremis development.Re...

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Sparing moments of glory spaced out by vapid nonsense. 3

NOT Spoiler Safe. Plot is discussed in explicit detail. I can't describe why I was so burned by this film without mentioning specific details and major plot points. Of all the problems I have with Iron Man Three (yes the word three as it insists) it's most glaring fault is it's schizophrenic tone. It can't decide to be an intense character study of a man without his armour - unable to feel safe after facing gods and other worlds and barley making it out alive, not being able to sleep for fear of...

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It's Over finished but it never ends 0

Iron Man 3 is the third film in the Iron Man series and Marvel's first film since The Avengers. No spoilers here folks, you can go somewhere else for those.First off, The movie is excellent, better than Iron man in fact and that's something given how great that was. The cast is as always of excellent caliber. Robert Downey Jr. is excellent as always as Tony/Iron Man, conveying all the aspects of him and how Tony deals with events from Avengers is well done.. Paltrow's Pepper is also great thoug...

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Enjoyable but rein RDJ in 0

Summed up this is a really enjoyable film but I feel no urge to watch it again.Okay so that line maybe doesn't sit well with a 4 start review so let me explain, it's above average film really enjoyable but there are plot holes and inane scenes that serve no purpose. They're not enough to ruin the film but enough to create a missed opportunity for another comic book film at Avengers/TDK level. I can't really explain without spoiling the film so let's split it out:The GoodClearly lessons have been...

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Good fun 0

That's how I'd sum up Iron Man 3. Just good fun really, it was definitely not what I expected, and to be honest I was disappointed by it. While it doesn't reach the level of the first Iron Man, it certainly blows Iron Man 2 out of the water.This film definitely feels like a continuation from The Avengers. We see how things have progressed and how Tony Stark has been affected by the events of The Avengers. Much like The Dark Knight Rises, he's thrown himself into Iron Man. It's become an addictio...

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A joke Movie, Nothing more.... 0

SPOILER HEAVYThis movie started of brilliantly, the comedy and serious was well balanced, at the start. The Mandarin was done AMAZINGLY, He was a real foe. It was going to be amazing...then.. The whole movie became a joke when they totally disgraced the character The Mandarin..In the comics The Mandarin was Iron Mans biggest foe and arch nemesis.. They had a great chance to give that character justice but instead they decide to go through the comedy route and make this whole movie totally hollow...

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Awesome 0

Fantastic marvel summer blockbuster, filled with tons of action and comedy. It brings Tony Stark to a whole new level. And of course the fantastic portrayal of the characters, prowing that Shane Black is just the right person to continue Iron Man. With the post credits scene (witch in funny way connects some characters) Iron Man 3 can stand right to Iron Man and Iron Man 2. Its the excellent movie, Iron Man at its best!...

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Excellent Movie with great character development 0

Iron Man 3 was a great addition to the Marvel cinematic universe. I was afraid that it would follow suit (pun intended) and be another armor wearing adventure for Tony Stark. That's all good and well but how many good movies can you have with the same plot. Bad guy shows up, Iron Man comes to save the day, beats Villain and roll credits. This plot was excellent in the fact that were see Tony Stark become Iron Man rather than him play Iron Man. He embodied his identity and we get to witness him g...

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I Don't Know... 0

I got back from the film not too long ago (a few hours ago). I was so exited for the movie, watching all kinds of trailers and stuff. I was so hyped up for this film. It's been a year since The Avengers hit theaters (though chronologically it's set a month after the Chitauri [or however they spell their name] invaded, but I'm getting off-topic), and now we get our first look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe after The Avengers.Anyway, I was so hyped up for this movie. I knew it couldn't matc...

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The MAN makes The Armor. 0

* SPOILERS*Iron Man IIIThis is my first attempt to review a movie of all things, but i figured i had to take a side what with all the mixed views on the third iron man movie. Lets get one thing straight, some of the folks didn't manage to see what the movie was trying to show with it's actions, and if you actually think about it, it makes a lot of damn sense, it's far from perfect, but it's not horrible either.First things first, The movie takes of basically where the avengers left off, with ton...

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I am Iron Man!!! 0

Tony Stark returns, but this time he faces a new opponent and he is on his own. After the Avengers, Tony hasn't been the same and has made some new toys to play with. I loved how Shane Black tells what happened to Tony and thought the scene where he tells Pepper how he feels and why she is important to him was so great. The movie had some great action scenes like when Tony's house was getting destroyed and had some funny moments. The cast was amazing and Robert Downey Jr plays the best Tony Star...

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Good Movie? Good Comicbook Movie? Or Both?(A Spoiler Free Review) 0

As you can see with the 5/5 rating, I loved it. So at least, it's a good movie. But anyway, let's start talking. I'll begin with the cast, then go to the plot/script, then the directing, swinging into my disappointments/movie shortcomings with the Conclusion last. 1st the Cast.The Cast:I have to say I loved the cast. As everyone knows, Robert Downy Jr. is arguably the most accurate, beloved portrayals of a comicbook character ever, and is ranked in the Top 3 for almost everyone's list, if not 1...

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Good superhero film.... 0

SPOILER FREE! I thought that this movie was a pretty decent start to 2013 summer movies and to phase two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It was pretty entertaining for the most part, and as always in Iron Man movies, it had great special effects and action scenes. But when I left the theatre I felt something was missing in the film. Here comes the criticism. I felt that the film had to much humor in it. It had humor in almost every scene Tony was in. I just felt like it lacked the seriousness...

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this was not as advertised 0

.This movie to me sucked. SPOILER! Iron man was weak, never truly had a functional suit, rarely even was in his suit, war machine was non existent action wise, mandarin was played off as joke literally. I felt like they advertised this so well making you believe it was going to blow pt II and maybe even I away but in no did it for me at least. Man of Steel and The Wolverine were way better. ...

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Mixed feelings but overall, a great film. 0

Since, Robert Downey Jr. took the role as Iron Man, the Titanium touting Avenger has been Marvel's golden goose. Being an avid comic book reader clashed with my love for films a lot in this movie. As a film, Iron Man 3 was incredibly entertaining. It was clever and witty and elicited every emotion within the movie's duration. Where my comic book heart clashed with my cinema enthusiast's mind, was, ofcourse, about the Mandarin. Had they left the actor the actual Mandarin, I would have been total...

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