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The Dreadnoughts take Iron Man by surprise. Their attack is relentless, and Tony has no time for this or for the Siege Engineers behind him. He surges towards the Manta-ship, with the Dreadnoughts in hot pursuit, provoking the engineers to attack him and his pursuers. The Dreadnoughts find that they are being attacked by the ship’s crew and turn upon them instead. Tony uses this chance to flee the scene. He dives into the snow to cool off his armor and then flies away.

Tony comes back to the chalet and starts digging up the debris. Soon, he breaks open the safe-room and finds Stephanie and her butler safe and secure. He flies both of them to the Hotel Alpine and makes sure that they are checked in. Then he returns to the battle scene, but fails to find any remnant of the Dreadnoughts or the Siege Engineers. Later, Tony books himself at the Alpine and makes a call to Pepper.

Meanwhile, inside the Stark Solutions building, Happy is showing a woman named Dorleen around. Pepper is not pleased with them trotting around Tony’s firewalled calling room. Happy makes an excuse that embarrasses Pepper and then he goes away.

Meanwhile, back in Switzerland, Tony asks Stephanie about the truth of what’s going on. Stephanie begins. She tells of a man named Andreas Kapelos. He was a friend to her husband. But after his death, he wanted to buy the Dufours company from Stephanie. She suspected him after she found out financial irregularities. But he divulged her husband’s planned murder and threatened to kill her. She was afraid and called Stark Solutions. But she also did not divulge the truth to Tony, because she feared that he might leave. Tony asks her to put away the past.

Later, he gets a call from Pepper and comes to know that a man named Arms Merchant might be connected. He then talks with a reporter, saying that he and Iron Man will be shortly successful in unmasking an illegal arms dealer.

Many miles away, the Mandarin sees this broadcast and asks his agents to redouble their efforts to kill Iron Man and the other party.

Later, as Iron Man hovers above the town, he spots five Dreadnoughts and attracts their attention. They fire at him but he blocks their blasts with a steel beam. The beam melts and he splashes the melts over their bellies. Then he kicks up some ice and freezes the melts in place. The Dreadnoughts are not outwitted by this act and commence to attack him. Tony flees and the Dreadnoughts pursue him. As he nears the Dufours factory, he activates his pulse-bolts and blasts his way into the secret back portion.

The siege engineers commence attack and the Dreadnoughts get diverted to the new threat. Tony blasts into Kapelos’ room and asks for the clients list. Kapelos resists and Tony reveals that the fused metal over the Dreadnoughts’ stomach are overheating them and will cause them to explode unless he leads them out. Kapelos hands over the CD. Tony leads the Dreadnoughts out and calls the Swiss police to arrest Kapelos. The Dreadnoughts a short while later and Tony is flung to the ground by the impact.

Later, Tony talks with Stephanie. Stephanie says that she will call him any time she faces problems later. Then she gifts him a deep parting kiss.

New York. Happy drops off Dorleen at her place. As he drives away, Dorleen communicates with someone, saying that if she can exploit Happy for one more month, Stark Solutions will fall into her team’s hands.    

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