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Iron Man #3 Review


Based on online reviews, I'm starting to wonder if I'm the only one enjoying this title, lol.

In all seriousness, the 3rd issue of Iron Man is a solid issue. Gillen does a great job writing Tony Stark's dialogue, and I think he has a great understanding of how to write Iron Man. I've enjoyed the idea of Tony Stark needing to be innovative and creating scenario specific suits as seen with the oft-discussed stealth armor. My biggest complaint against this title is that I'm worried that we are getting a bit too much off a similar plot to the second issue, and possibly the fourth issue (which seems to have more tank like armor, should be fun).

I know people like to hate on Greg Land. While I agree that he draws eerily smiling faces that seem almost too realistic, as well as some of his women looking straight out of pornography (more of a concern in the first issue than in this issue), I think Land has his strengths. He draws a beautiful Iron Man suit, and his action sequences are alot of fun. To go along with Land's pencils are Guru eFX's magnificent colors. I complained about Guru eFX's colors in my Thunderbolts #1 review, but his colors on the Iron Man series are top notch. They achieved a great deal of energy, and with Land's pencils, really make the Iron Man Suit look awesome. As a personal experience, I feel that the art really does a good job bringing energy to this title, and looks great on my android phone.

I admit that this is my first time I've read an Iron Man comic (I picked up Issues #1 through #3 on Wednesday), so some of this may be rehashes of older Iron Man story lines, as others have suggested. Reading this series has made me want to go back and pick up older issues of Iron Man, and to check out the Extremis storyline from 2008. Thus, Gillen and Land (along with the Marvel Now Initiative) have achieved their goal with picking up at least new Iron Man reader. I have to say that I'm ready to pick up Issue #4 myself. If you've never tried Iron Man yourself, or are on the fence about this series, I'd say go out and pick up the first issue, and see if it's for you.

Posted by tomlikesfries

Good review. I may actually give this comic a try, since I dropped the book after the horrible second issue.

Posted by drreneninja


Posted by Jake Fury

Nice review. Just read the first 3 issues and I enjoyed them quite a bit. I didn't have any doubts about Gillen's writing but the Land art had kept me away. Anyway, found the first 3 issues at 1/2 price and I wasn't disappointed.

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