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Tony Stark has awakened from his cryogenic sleep, having Dr. Erica Sondheim remove him from his life support system,triggering a small seizure that quickly passes,as the doctors warn him he may not ever regain his mobility.While later that night a bed ridden Tony continues his denial over the loss of his mobility, while trying to learn to shut out his newly enhanced senses. He then once again tries to get in touch with an infuriated Rhodey who refuses to speak to him, leaving Tony alone, however this spurs him to prepare himself as he is defenseless. He then contacts Abe Zimmer who brings him a C.A.D.A.M. which enables Tony to operate the automated design and manufacturing facilities remotely from his bed in which he completes a new suit of Iron Man armor.While elsewhere a group prepares to kill Rhodes to enable Morgan Stark to contest his cousins will, after which they will take controlling interest in the company.

While at Stark Enterprises the base is attacked by a highly advanced tank and several robotic agents forcing Tony to remotely link to the Iron Man armor to battle them.While Tony battles with the heavy combatants,several of the BattleDroids manage to sneak away targeting a defenseless Rhodey in their cross hairs.

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