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Iron Man, captive of the Kree! Witness as Iron Man faces judgment from Ronan the Accuser!

Operation: Galactic Storm Part 13

Iron Man and Hawkeye learn of the recent assassination of Ael-Dan and Dar-Benn by Deathbird and the Avengers are to be executed for their fabricated complicity. After another telling disparity in their reactions (Hawkeye claiming the Avengers are above murder; Iron Man preparing to make justice as they go along), the pair split up to tackle their two new objectives: Hawkeye searches for Deathbird to clear the Avengers' names, while Iron Man locates and rescues the Avengers. On his own again, Iron Man's diagnostics remind him he is still not fully recovered from his encounter with Shatterax in the previous issue. Despite his increasingly debilitated state, Iron Man locates the Avengers in the Citadel of Judgment and prepares to assault the entire Kree constabulary single-handed.

Inside the Citadel, Captain America is lead away from the rest of the prisoners to face individual prosecution, while the Supreme Intelligence has the ultimate victory over the recently-assassinated Ael-Dan and Dar-Benn by assimilating them into his collective existence.

Iron Man begins his one-man assault only to run into Ronan. Underneath their rapid and destructive duel, Hawkeye locates Deathbird in the sewers and manages to convince her to help him clear the Avengers. Iron Man's duel with Ronan does not go well, considering his condition and Ronan's superior power. Blaming himself for the situation, Iron Man prepares to turn himself into a suicide bomber to take out Ronan and potentially help Hawkeye free the Avengers. Fortunately for him, Hawkeye and Deathbird rescued the Avengers in time for them to forestall his self-slaughter. Deathbird escapes in the confusion. Hawkeye enables the Avengers' escape back into the sewer before they are overrun by Accusers and the Kree military. Iron Man makes the difficult decision to abandon Captain America behind in order to intercept the Nega-bomb before it enters Kree space. Hawkeye dissents, but Iron Man stuns him in the back and carries him to the Quinjet. The decision may be for naught, however, as we see a Skrull ship discover the Nega-bomb adrift in space.

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