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All paths have led to this: the inevitable showdown between Iron Man and the Mandarin! As the man behind the mask, Tony Stark’s life has hit rock bottom. His plans for the super hero Initiative have hit a tragic snag. His former flame, believed dead, is being manipulated by one of his deadliest enemies. Even to his strongest allies, Stark appears to be descending into a mental breakdown while everything around him swirls out of control. Now, with the lives of millions hanging in the balance, Iron Man must fight his way out of the darkness and prevent the Mandarin from releasing a plague that would change humanity as we know it!

Dugan convinces Maria Hill to follow Stark's orders, and she instructs the pilots to take the Helicarrier to Nebraska. As Gentech is evacuated, Iron Man and Mandarin begin their fight. En route to Nebraska aboard the Helicarrier, the Gaffer briefs Hill and Alpha Team on the EVH-Beta prototype, which will create a nuclear blast before collapsing into a micro black hole to remove leftover radiation. Finding his old armor badly outmatched, Iron Man distracts the Mandarin with his sonic emitter, then douses him with liquid nitrogen. The Mandarin subdues Iron Man with his black light ring, releases the Extremis test subjects and teleports away with Maya. Battling the Extremis subjects, Stark reveives a call from Hill to say she is nearly in position, and he orders Gentech destroyed. As Gentech explodes, Iron Man attempts to rocket away, but everything around him is drawn into the micro black hole. Afterwards, Gaffer can't find any sign of Iron Man within the event perimeter.

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Iron Man MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0

Iron Man's gonna come out on the big friggin screeen how cool. He was always my fave cuz hes Armed. His best ally has to be war machine cuz war machine has miniguns mounted on his friggin shouldors and hes mooooore armed. P.S hes freakin blue how shitty they cudda thoght of a nother coler like silver or black but FUCKIN BLUEWHOA Are they friggin dickheads P.P.S Stan lee should of put more effort in War Machine godamn they shudda mad him black ideotsmarvel are just stupid therm ass' they can burn...

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