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Plagued by the ghosts of his past, Iron Man continues his investigation into the tragedy in Omaha despite being pressured by the Commission on Superhuman Activities to close the case. But troubling questions remain unanswered. Who is really behind Gadget's murder, and what marked her for death? The only witness is a madman named Graviton.

After subduing a berserk Paragon, Mandarin hypnotizes him into believing that Graviton killed his mother. Maria Hill covertly monitors Stark having a nervous breakdown, unaware that he's having hallucinations. Paragon attacks the Helicarrier and pummels Graviton, but Graviton quickly kills Paragon by crushing him. Iron Man tries to calm Graviton down, but Graviton commits suicide by causing a microgravitational burst in his own frontal lobe. Subsequently briefing the C.S.A. on recent events, Stark tells the skeptical Commission that he believes Paragon slew Gadget because of her missing persons investigation, with Graviton freed from custody to take the fall, and that he will not close the case until he finds out who co-opted Paragon.

At Gentech, Mandarin tells Maya that Extremis is ready for human testing. When the C.S.A. deliberate on Iron Man's case, Kooning brings in Hill as a witness to convince them that Stark is unstable. Stark tells Dum Dum that the C.S.A. have closed Gadget's case, declaring Graviton her murderer. Stark finds Doc Samson in his quarters, who tells Stark he's being put on leave due to his instability, and he is required to wear a power dampener to restrict his Extremis powers.

At Prometheurs, Mandarin asks Maya to work on an airborne delivery system for Extremis. Later, as he goes over Gadget's files in the Easy 8 Motel in Nebraske, Stark calls Mrs. Rennie to send over his armor.

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