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Haunted by the memory of his dead friend, besieged by political forces both within and without S.H.I.E.L.D., Tony Stark has a murder mystery to solve, a trio of newly-licensed super heroes to shepherd and a confrontation to face with the thoroughly-demented Graviton!

Captain Ultra is put on mandatory leavr during the investigation into Gadget's death. When he rails against the perception that he can't help uncover the truth behind his friend's death, Tony asks Ultra to tell him about Gadget. Ultra informs Iron Man that Gadget had been working on various missing persons cases in her spare time, her mathematical aptitude having swiftly spotted that statistically far too many people were going missing in Nebraske. Iron Man interviews Graviton, who says he did not escape but was taken from custody and denies killing Gadget, saying she was slain by his power but not his hand. Graviton tells Iron Man that he's been seeing dead people as well.

Meanwhile, "Tem Borjigin" visits Kooning to tell him he wants Iron Man out of Nebraska, claiming Stark is distracting Maya from completing her Extremis work. Shocked to hear just how fast the Extremis trials are progressing, Kooning says he'll take care of Stark.

Iron Man searches Gadget's apartment, noticing that someone has carefully removed her missing persons files. Suddenly he hallucinates the dying Happy, who reminds him of Graviton's words. Finally realizing what they mean, Iron Man confronts Paragon about the nature of his powers, which are gravity based, just like Graviton, accusing him of murdering his own teammate. Paragon tries to kill Iron Man and Captain Ultra attacks, not realizing the situation, giving Paragon time to escape. He heads for Prometheus where he finds his mother, one of the Extremis test subjects, has died in her stasis tube.

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