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How do you fight a ghost? Iron Man faces that very real problem when a villain called the Ghost starts some destructive haunting of Stark Enterprises.

Tony goes for a jog on the beach where he's listening to his notes for the up and coming meeting later that day. Shortly afterwards, Rhodes picks Tony up in a chopper and takes him to the meeting. As they're arriving at the acquisition meeting at Accutech, they notice that the hills behind the building are on fire. Tony changes into Iron Man and begins to help the fire department extinguish the flames. He digs a trench and steals a fire retardant tanker and puts the fire out. He then rushes inside (as Mr. Stark) and joins the meeting in progress. Negotiations are in progress for Stark Enterprises to acquire Accutech. Few details are arranged and they depart.

Tony heads back to his headquarters and works over the numbers of the proposal. He is afraid that this deal may leave him financially strapped and could put him in the poor house if it goes south. He contacts his attorney.

The next morning, he returns to Accutech with his attorney and begins to sign the contract for it's acquisition when security alarms are triggered. Tony makes a quick exit and heads for the security room as Iron Man. Once there in the security room he discovers Ghost and leads chase. Because Ghost can walk through walls Iron Man has to break through them to keep pace.

They arrive on the factory floor and Ghost is invisible. Iron Man uses high frequency sound waves to locate Ghost. Just as his location is discovered Accutech security comes bursting in the doors and orders Ghost to halt. Ghost tosses a bomb at their feet and, during the distraction, disappears from sight and escapes.

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