adamwarlock's Iron Man 2.0 #8 - The Palmer Addley Infection review

Overlong story finally gets interesting

The Palmer Addley storyline (derailed for 3 issues of Fear Itself Crossovers) resumes and finally gets interesting again.  It started off well enough in the first issue, then floundered a while, then got pushed aside for crossovers... but now it's back, and it's actually holding my interest in this issue.
This issue, much like Spencer's recent work on Secret Avengers, is a superhero book that does not FEEL like a superhero book.  It feels much more like police/FBI procedural TV programming.  That tactic was hit and miss on his brief Secret Avengers run, much as I'm sure it will be in the long run here, but in this particular issue it works.
This issue throws a surprise twist and a highly intriguing concept at us.  Intriguing enough that I'm going to pick up this title to the end of this darn story out of curiosity and not JUST a begrudging collector mentality that hates owning incomplete stories no matter how poor it is shaping up to be.  If this series can keep the quality to this issue's level, it just might wrap up this storyline relatively nicely.
Main gripe on this issue: Ariel Olivetti's style of art is wildly unnecessary.  Olivetti's highly polished, computer-generated looking art works well for high action and high-tech, and it gets a little bit of that in this issue, but by and large this issue is a lot of talk and interrogation, and for that, Olivetti's art is just... overkill.  It takes you a bit out of the moment, pleasing as it is on the eye.

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