emperormeister734's Iron Man 2.0 #4 - Palmer Addley is Dead, Part 4 review

I'm sorry War Machine

There is too much talking  and I did not see Rhodey at, God please forgive me for bad-mouthing this issue (I'm serious by the way) this  is WAR MACHINE A.K.A. IRON MAN 2.0 NOT BORING TALKING. As I quote Starscream " It's time for action not words" I will live and die as a War Machine fan as God is my witness. Issue 3 was the rebirth of War Machine, issue 4 should be the firepower of the new War Machine. Come on writers show me firepower I know you can do it, You guys rock  for making this War Machine  series 


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    Nick Spencer and Ariel Olivetti turn the focus on Palmer Addley in what is basically a villain spotlight issue that leaves our title character largely absent. Kaylie Doran, one of Rhodey's intelligence consultants, discovers the true past of Palmer Addley through his real background files. This issue is mostly narrated through interviews with people from Addley's past, and it is a very effective way of exposing what a dangerous and damaged person Addley was. The ways these people talk about him...

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