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Review: Iron Man 2.0

Who is Palmer Addley? Don't worry, you'll know for sure by the end of this issue.

The Good

I'm usually a huge fan of Ariel Olivetti's art. This is the first time it's hit or miss for me from panel to panel. (Explained more in the bad section) His artwork really is beautiful in this issue, and Nick Spencer's writing, overall is great. I'm a fan of both of these creators and that's probably why I'm so disappointed by this issue.

The Bad

My number one pet peeve with a giant bullet is when artists incorporate real pictures into their art. Something about it rubs me the wrong way, and Olivetti does it on three separate occasions. He takes a picture for the background, plasters his character into the foreground and that's that. Suspension of disbelief is completely gone, and all I can focus on, as the reader is the moderately photo-shopped tree right behind the character. He is one of my favorite artists, but this was a big let down.

Nick Spencer is a fantastic writer, but this issue was nothing more than an uninteresting, talking-head documentary. Don’t just tell me what happened to this character, show me what happened. I’m not a fan of the court-room dramas, and this issue has the feel of every interrogation scene in every court-room drama television show.

Last, but not least, James Rhodes is not in this book. There is not one ounce of War Machine floating around.

The Verdict

Ouch. Not a good issue. It’s two creators I really like, but together, this issue is a dull, lifeless story that really bums me out. It’s not interesting, and it’s not worth your time. The writing is dull, and the art work is distracting because of its incorporation of photography into the pages. I’m sad to say, don’t pick this one up.

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Posted by JonesDeini

Ouch, man. Well I guess Spencer is fallible. Was really looking forward to this issue. Looks like I'll be reading this one in store before I lay down my hard earned cash.  

Posted by CombatSpoon86

Nick Spencer really excels in his own created books than this. I was interested in this but was getting mixed reactions. Hopefully he can turn it around

Posted by longbowhunter

Is this series going somewhere?

Posted by JonesDeini
I think so, I've immensely enjoyed the first two issues. I think this may just be a bump in the road. Also I haven't peeped any other reviews to get a well rounded opinion on it. 
Posted by longbowhunter
I enjoyed the first three issues, but this one was quite a detour. Not only that but it looks as if next issue may not even deal with this Palmer Addley character. All I can say is the pay off better be good.
Posted by JonesDeini
@longbowhunter said:
" @JonesDeini: I enjoyed the first three issues, but this one was quite a detour. Not only that but it looks as if next issue may not even deal with this Palmer Addley character. All I can say is the pay off better be good. "
Words out of my mouth, man. I learned nothing about Palmer from this issue aside from him being an angsty teen with a membership in the Trench Coat Mafia. This issue has no signs that it ties into the main narrative in any way, folk. It feels like this issue was thrown to together so that he could continue his Palmer Addley (a character who does intrigue me and I REALLY want to know more about) before being forced to write this Fear Itself issue. I think this series launched at the wrong time, bro. Spencer's a GREAT writer when given free reign like at Image or his own corner to play in at DC. But the editorial dictates Marvel puts on their writers to do at least one or two issues tied into their event of the week hurts a lot of it's titles (i.e. T-Bolts Shadowland) and this one is no different. I hope after all the obligatory "worthy" ishkabibble is settled that the pay off is worth it all when Spencer gets back to business. 

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