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Putting the Hammer down on Iron Man 2

A  number of reviews pertaining to Iron Man 2, and here's another one.  A brief overview with my impressions of this movie: 
Allow me to start with some minor annoyances instead of touting the positives.  The interplay between Stark and Pepper was good, BUT it got old a bit quick.  Could've used less of that in the film.  
The special effects.  I don't know, some of it was so fast and hard to follow, and when I did see some of it, notably Whiplash, it made me cringe a bit.  
Despite these minor bits, man this movie rocked my old face off!  I enjoyed it quite a bit.  A lot of good lines, humor, action, and there WERE some great special effects.  A far cry from when they tried to make you believe a "Man Could Fly" with the Superman movies.  It's "ironic" with this bit the advances of technology--puns intended--have provided for special effects.    
If you don't already know some key Marvel characters are represented!
There was a nice mix of hard FX and CGI instead of just CGI and I appreciated that very much.  It lends some realism to what is essentially a wild concept but it got sold.  Also, the acting was great, and notably, I loved Sam Rockwell as Justin Hammer.    Nice fight scenes I wanted more.  The soundtrack was great, they used The Clash, AC/DC.  I wouldn't have minded another I Am Iron Man song!   
 Catch the end after the credits!

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