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Iron Man finds the Hulk lurking in the shadows of the nuclear test center. As he approaches the beast, he finds his armor's sensors registering abnormal amounts of gamma radiation. The Hulk has Liz Ross in his arms and refuses to let her go. He attacks Iron Man to prove his point, but Iron Man succeeds in rendering him temporarily unconscious. 
Meanwhile, Jasper Sitwell is on the hunt for Tony Stark. He is confident that Stark couldn't have gotten very far with the wound in his chest and vows to find him out, dead or alive no matter. 
Liz Ross comes around in Iron Man's arms. She is suspicious of his relation with Tony Stark but Iron Man clears her doubts when he recites his security clearance code. Liz tells him that this place was raided by the terrorist organization Hydra and they set off the Gamma Bomb. Bruce Banner died trying to disarm it. But their conversation is cut short when the Hulk comes awake and renews his attack on Iron Man. Iron Man tries to lure him ouside the premises but fails to do so with his tricks. So he tries a desparate gamble. He fires his shoulder repulsors and sends the Hulk flying.  
Iron Man catches the Hulk before he can fall, and asks him about Bruce Banner. Hulk says that he hates Banner and starts pounding Iron Man's armor. Iron Man loses power and is forced to land just on the edge of the Niagra Falls. But just that moment, a helicopter hovers above them. Hulk gets mad and throws a huge boulder towards it. Iron Man flies up in the fraction of an instant. He weighs his options and fires a tractor beam to push the chopper out of the boulder's trajectory. 
Meanwhile, Jasper Sitwell's quest for Tony Stark comes to an end when he cannot find the body and the blood trails. He runs into Liz Ross, who tells him about Hydra's recent appearance. Liz doesn't suspect that Jasper is a Hydra agent himself.  
The recently unemployed Pepper Potts sees Iron Man on tv and instantly recognizes him as Tony Stark.  
Hulk gets the better of Iron Man and drives him into the ground. Tony's armor's power supply is hugely diminished. He finds an electrical cable and connects it with his armor, which gives him an instant boost. He comes up to face the Hulk again. He jabbs the cable into the Hulk's body. The cable was actually a connection of the seaboard. The Hulk absorbs so much energy that the entire seaboard goes dark. Both Iron Man and the Hulk lose their balance and fall into the deep Niagra falls.

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