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A WORLD WAR HULK TIE-IN! Something's coming to Earth from deep space...and he's very angry. The Hulk wants revenge, and Iron Man's on his list. Can Tony Stark's space defenses even slow down the green giant? What special armor will Iron Man don against the ultimate opponent? One thing's for sure -- when these titans clash, the shockwaves will rock the Marvel Universe!

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Well I Concur... 0

I am very surprised...I kept putting off reading this issue after Batsy Ross french fried it...but I have to say I liked this issue. It had heart to it...I liked the art and cover...unlike the Ghost Rider tie in it did not feel forced. So I have to say Tony came off as a hero in this one and he admits he has made a mistake in sending Bruce to another planet. Good job. The fight scene was pretty much like the one in World War Hulk and that is how it should be. I say give it a read and a chance be...

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Um....Ew. 0

Don't bother with this unless you're following World War Hulk. I think we're all aware that this is a tie in with that story line. But basically, Hulk arrives on earth and Iron Man goes to fight him. Oh and someone mentions Nick Fury but that's about it. That's the super condensed story summary. But even as story telling goes, this was not exciting or interesting to me. I'm not a Hulk fan as it is and so I think that this just really kind of left me feeling like I could have spent my money on so...

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