jake_fury's Iron Man #18 - Iron Metropolitan, Part 1 of 5 review

Brotherly Plans For The Future...(Spoilers)

Following the events of The Secret Origin of Tony Stark, Tony has learned of his long lost brother Arno.

The Story:

Much of this issue involves the plans of Tony and Arno's cities of the future. A good chunk of the issue is a simulation program that Arno and Tony have launched to see potential outcomes for many of their plans. These simulations don't end well, leaving Arno to confront Tony about his more personal problems. We also see the return of a classic Iron Man villain but probably not in the shape, way or form you pictured.

The Good:

This arc is off to a promising start. The first issue of an arc is usually the toughest. The writer has to establish a new direction for the story and also create enough drama to keep the reader interested. Gillen definitely does that in this one. The glimpse of the future gave us some potential developments for this arc and some foreshadowing for what is to come.

The art by Joe Bennett was very well done also. It's right up there with the fantastic quality we've enjoyed previously in this series from Eaglesham and Pagulayan. His futuristic landscapes are especially impressive for the eye to see.

The Bad:

There were not any glaring weaknesses with this issue. The simulation could have been cut a bit shorter to focus on the present day events and the relationship between the brothers Stark.

The Score:

Overall, this was a very good opening salvo for Gillen's newest arc. I have quite the feeling that this will be his best Iron Man work to date.



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