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After exposure to polluted water Namor collapses on Hirman Dobbs’s island and was nursed back to health forging the friendship with the reclusive hermit. Hiram dislikes big city life and moved to a disserted island with his wife Mary Dobbs. Unfortunately, Mary dies soon after their home was complete.

Then we finally get back to the last scene from Iron Man 120 where Iron Man is starting to drown in the once after having his Armor breached by an un-named device of Justine Hammer. As Iron Man begins to drown Bethany Cabe and Jim Rhodes arrive in search of Tony. The Special Force opens fire on their helicopter and their craft crashes. Namor saves Iron Man from drowning and while Iron Man is recharging himself he gets to lean full of Hiram’s story (which takes place mostly off panel). Rhodey and Bethany confront the Special Force and learn that they are actually representative of Roxxon Oil led by Jonas Hale, seeking to control a deposit of vibranium on Dobbs’ Island. Iron Man and Namor then attack the Roxxon’s forces, who knowing they can’t beat Iron Man and Namor together, sets off explosives to destroy the island and its vibranium. Namor saves Hiram before the blast goes off, but Hiramis dejected to have lost all he loved. US Naval force arrive but they can find no evidence to prove Roxxon’s involvement.

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