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While Iron Man fights a rogue SHIELD agent over Nick Fury’s unconscious body, the helicarrier they are aboard drifts into Russian airspace.

In order to save Nick Fury from Buck Richlen, Iron Man overloads a video projector with his electromagnetic field which causes it to explode and blind Richlen. Iron Man knocks out Richlen but finds that in the meantime the Helicarrier has drifted into Russian airspace. Russian jets assault the Helicarrier but Iron Man halts their missiles and destroys the jet. The Helicarrier manages a narrow escape back into neutral airspace. Fury sends Richlen to prison. Iron Man becomes Tony Stark and has Fury drop him off at Stark International’s Paris Office, where Tony is greeted by Yvette Avril. Tony examines the data his armour recorded from the Helicarrier and is stunned to discover that Shield has been covertly purchasing stock in Stark International and has almost managed a controlling interest. Stark phones up Fury for an explanation; Fury confirms that while attempted assassination of Richlen plan was rebellious, the mission to seize control of Stark International was ordered by Fury. Fury apologetically tells Tony that SHIELD needs Stark International back in weapons manufacturing.

The story ends with Tony feeling betrayed leaving his Paris Office to think in private.

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