theacidskull's Iron Man #10 - The Secret Origin of Tony Stark, Part One review

3rd Time's The Charm? Not Really.


I'll Admit that I am not an iron Man fan, and i generally prefer the Movie version of him , because well, RDJ makes Tony stark beyond amazing. But some of Iron mans Stories are fun to read, and i was hoping that with a fresh start i could forget that tony was an arseh*le in the marvel universe who betrayed all of his friends and then payed mostly NO PRICE at all for it. This is the third time i've given the series a chance , and i'm still very disappointed.

Many things don't add up here. Starks Father and mother cannot have a baby, and i get that they are depressed, but stark is willing to scower the earth, even to the high evolutionary( how he knew here he was is beyond me, and why is he still alive?), and then trust some alien, who clearly, even personality wise could not be trusted, and blindly followed his offer? for a Son he never really had? Jezz man. i get That this is Howard being the good guy but i seriously doubt he'd go this far, and i also don't think he'd be able to trust some extra terrestrial he just met, who Just, right in front of his own eyes, betrayed the people he worked for, what guarantee does Howard have that this guy won't do the same to him.

Also, i get that this is the world of comics, but when Rollo( the alien) shape shifts Howards expression barely changes, since when is he use to seeing grey aliens? i know he's open minded but this is a little beyond a normal human beings comprehension, i was at least expecting a " WHOA!".

However, From there on the plan carries out swiftly and neatly, which is good, Howard gathers a team of people who owe him and he makes them participate in this mission. But here is the thing, Rollo probably knew or should have known the risks of what he was doing, and he still did it, and put his life on the line for people he just met, while this shows that rollo is kind of a nice guy, it still in no way explains why he did this. Makes no sense for me.

Gillin is doing something very dangerous here, he is completely ruining iron man if you ask me, and no this is not because i don't like gillion, but these retcon stories never do much good to characters, it's very rare for someone to pull off a good retcon. And now we have something like this. The whole idea of the story is that tony was born somehow with the help of 451 the android. this will Destroy iron man If not executed well, Iron man is already to my hate list, but only because of events like Civil war and stuff like that, but over time i've managed to forget all that. If by any means 451 becomes the reason why tony is so smart or something like that it'll ruin everything. Anyways, it's obvious that Tony was born because of 451, and if executed well, it could be good, i will read on with the series to see where it goes, but there are many things i disliked here. If Tony was created by 541, why did he meet him so conveniently ? was it MEANT to be? was it all a plan? did 541 know tony was one day go into space and find him? eh, see what i mean? LOOSE ENDS! this is why i hate retcons, and this is the same issue i have with Matt fractions fantastic Four.

But on a positive note the art is amazing, i seriously love it, the details are good, the faces are not natural, the action is cool, and i seriously like how dale draws iron mans armor, i wish he permanently replayed greg land.

Recommendation: Only if you are an Iron man Fanboy. since this is important to the IM mythos.

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