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Iron Major and Sgt. Rock

Born and raised in a small German village, the man who would become the Iron Major had already attained that rank by the early days of the Second World War. Sent to the Russian front as soldiers of Von Paulus' 6th army, the Major and his men were attempting to retreat across the frozen Don river when an attacking Russian plane shattered the ice, plunging the major's closest friend into the freezing waters. Thrusting his right arm into the waters, the major managed to rescue his comrade - his own right hand becoming hideously frostbitten in the process.

By the time the Major was able to reach medical aid, his frostbitten hand had turned gangrenous and had to be amputated. As a symbol to his troops, the major had his missing hand replaced with one of solid iron, then he was sent home to Mannich to recuperate. Because of his iron hand and his iron will, his rigid moral code and his strict adherence to the rules, his men began to call him the Iron Major.

No longer considered fit for front-line duties, the Iron Major was made Commandant of Stalag 9, an ancient castle that was serving as a POW camp. It was there that the Iron Major first met the American Soldier who was to become his greatest adversary - Sgt. Frank Rock. Rock was the first prisoner ever to escape from Stalag 9, only to be pursued by the Major into the Forest of Forgotten Skulls. There, during a battle to the death, the Iron Major was thought to have been killed by an exploding land mine. However, the Iron Major survived that incident and clashed with Rock on several more occasions. It is unclear whether either of them survived the Second World War.

Powers & Abilities

Iron Major primary power is his "Iron Hand" It has the capability of cutting a soldiers helmet in half and he did so to Sgt. Rock's helmet. He can also punch it through a brick wall.

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