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As the book opens we see the Iron Lantern ( Green Lantern , Iron Man ) transporting H.E.C.T.O.R. to OA The Living Planet ( OA , Ergo The Living Planet ) On the ground, and back on Earth, a group of senators wait for Hal Stark to arrive so they could test Stark Internationals new fighter jet the S-41. Wanting to get the show on the road Pepper Ferris Pepper Pots , Carol ferris ) climbs into the jet, so she could show off the jet.

As the Iron Lantern returns to Earth he pontifications over his origin. That pretty much is the Green Lantern origin just with a suit of Armor instead of a ring.

As the Lantern arrives he sees that something has gone wrong with the test, and he rushes down to Save Pepper. As he does he figures out that the plane had been sabotaged, and he has a small idea of who may be behind it.

At a party later that night, Senator Ferris begins to chastise Hal Stark and threatening a law suit over the testing of the jet. Hal takes it in stride and blames it on letting a woman fly the plane during the test. This angers Pepper Ferris and she rushes out of the party.

Outside the party, Pepper Ferris is badmouthing Hal Stark when she comes across a strange floating rock. When she touches it, her skin transforms to a Saphir like substance and she becomes Madame Saphire.

Flying over the building the party was in, Madame Ferris reactivates the dormant Great White. A giant robot bent on destruction. Hal Stark rushes away from his party and changes into his armor to do battle.

The Iron Lantern creates a rocket to fire Great White into space, where he enlarges himself to do battle with Great White. All the while, Madame Saphire has rushed into the party. She imobilises Senator Ferrisses bodygaurds Gyrich and Gardner. then she kidnaps Senator Ferris.

The battle between Iron Lantern and Great White continues, but as the Lantern is about to deal his final blow, the Green Gaurdsman steals the battery that powers the magic Armor. This causes the Iron Lantern to begin to fall to earth.

As the last page comes to an end we see an outline of a figure who lets us know that it was he who was behind all of the events in the issue.

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