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One day a little Swiss watchmaker, tired of having his skilled delicate hands crushed by big brutes in his village who though it funny to hear his hands go crack in their grip, devised a unique pair of gloves, made out of tempered steel they fit over his hands and though the use of a cunning network of gears and wheels gave him the strength of four normal men and hands that could deflect bullets, while at the same time armoring his hands, his former tormenters soon found out what the sound of their hands cracking was like.

After his death an international female criminal got hold of the gloves and found that they fit her perfectly, with these and her innate knowledge of intrigue and skill in guile her criminal career soon took off as she become known as The Iron Lady.

The Iron Lady was a rare character for the Golden-Age, a villainess with her own series. To keep her sympathetic she was really more of an adventuress who took on far worst villains.

For a short while near the end of her run she was written and draw by the team of Simon & Kirby.    

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