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he will return Nathaniel Richards but with a new identity and thier is going to be a love triangle between cassie/him/vison (much like scrlet witch/vison/wonderman)

also there have been rumors of a young masters of evil

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I heard the Masters of Evil thing.

#3 Posted by ~*_DAVEY_*~ (44 posts) - - Show Bio

yer should be good

but like the young avengers are similar characters to previous avengers what charcters should be similar to the old msters of evil?

definatly a young baron zemo - screaming mimi - moonstone - atlas - radioactive man

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cassie liked/s vision? i need to reread

#5 Posted by ~*_DAVEY_*~ (44 posts) - - Show Bio

well vision likes her and so does nathaniel so they are gonna be very competitive to get her

(the reason vision likes her is through nathaniels suit which was linked to him) the used his suit to created a new vision implanting the love for cassie

#6 Posted by Octagon Enigma (2121 posts) - - Show Bio

What is the appeal of young super hero/villain teams?

I haven't read anything about them, so what's the deal with them?

#7 Posted by ~*_DAVEY_*~ (44 posts) - - Show Bio

just kinda cheap knockoffs of origonal superheroes but some of them are pretty good teams others can be a bit boring

#8 Posted by ~*_DAVEY_*~ (44 posts) - - Show Bio

Allan Heinberg has said that he plans to introduce a young

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